English language information on the German implementation of the EU Copyright Directive


For an overview of the state of implementation throughout Europe see
EUCD-Status Wiki

German Parliament Passed EUCD Implementation (April 12, 2003)
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Stefan Krempl, "Wrapped up in Crypto Bottles" (Telepolis March 9, 2003)
A talk with cyber-rights pioneer John Perry Barlow about Digital
Restrictions Management and the future of human knowledge

Statement of the Electronic Frontier Foundation on proposed German implementation of EU Copyright Directive to the Judicial Committee of the Bundestag (January 28, 2003)

Statement issued by IP Justice to the Judicial Committee of the Bundestag concerning the draft of the Copyright Law in the Information Society (January 28, 2003)

German Copyright Law (Urheberrechtsgesetz, UrhG) in English
In the version published on 9 September 1965, as last amended on 8 May 1998. This is the current law about to be amended by the EUCD implementation. An English translation of the amendment will be linked in here, as soon as it becomes available.

WIPO Guide to Intellectual Property Worldwide (laggs behind by about two to three years)